Air Show

Haley took Amanda and I to the annual airshow at Andrew's Air Force Base a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time. It was my first time at an airshow and I'd definitely go back again, it was really fun. Haley has a govt ID and is able to get on base with it which makes the process so much easier, since the general public has to be bused in and out of the base since they don't have ID cards.
We got to go inside the plane that we're standing in front of and check it out. Haley's Dad flies planes like this one.

Lots of people out for the show.
They have lots of shows going on throughout the day, but we mainly wanted to see the thunderbirds. This plane is from an earlier show and looks like it's crashing, but no worries, it's just part of the routine.
Here come the thunderbirds down the runway. The pilots all waved to us which was cute.
They were seriously amazing. They did tons of tricks and cool formations for us that were really impressive. And loud.
I can't believe how close and perfectly uniform they are, especially considering the speeds at which they're flying.
It's amazing how far we've come with airplanes in the last 100 years.

They looked like they were almost about to hit each other.

They had music playing the whole time which was a good idea. My favorite part was when they played Celine Dion's version of God Bless America, I felt so patriotic and proud of our country.
That's pretty crazy - flying practically on top of each other except that one of the planes is upside down.
This last picture was taken by our friend Kelley who has a super sweet camera. Isn't it a great shot?
If you get the chance to go to an airshow be sure to go, they're a lot of fun. Thanks Haley!

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