Zoo Part 1

This is just a preview of the National Zoo. I have lots more pictures that will come in the next post. The zoo's technical name is the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and it's FREE! First time I've ever been to a free zoo. And it's a really nice one with lots of cute animals.

Ahh, cute turtle!

That is the creepiest picture of an animal I have ever seen.

Cheetahs are such pretty animals, so lean and watchful.

There are tons of signs to see the pandas and it seemed everyone was walking all over looking for them and then finally we found it. The only one we saw was this guy and as someone put it, it looks like he had rigamortis hahaha.
The red panda was pretty cute though.

The only reason I'm putting up this bird picture is because if you notice he has a red band around his leg - are even the sparrows part of the zoo?
Very interesting looking animal.
More to come!

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