Virginia Gold Cup Horse Race

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Virginia Gold Cup! It's a steeplechase, which means that the horses must go through obstacles such as fences and water. I went with Haley and her "play-mom" Kelley. As the name explains, it is held in Virginia on a beautiful property. It was definitely the kind of event that people go to see and be seen.
Of course we got all dressed up in dresses and hats, which was so fun. Again I borrowed one of Haley's fascinators.
Love the Scottish outfits and bagpipes. So proud to have some Scottish in me.
This sign made us laugh.
Who let these guys in? Yes, that is a real stuffed fox on top of their car. At least they're patriotic with their flag.
And another one. I would just like to know...why??
My entire outfit.

There were vendors there selling lots of beautiful hats. I find it all so interesting because I've never been to an event in California or Utah where it is common, almost expected, for women to wear hats. However, at a horse race it is most definitely appropriate to be wearing a hat.
Haley and I tried lots on for fun.
I don't think I'll ever look very good in hats which is why I'm sticking to the fascinators.
Yeah, I'm not so sure how I feel about myself in hats, but they are fancy!
Haley ended up buying this pretty one which matched her outfit and makeup perfectly, almost like she had planned it!
Look how happy she is with her new hat! See, Haley IS a hat person, unlike me. They look great on her!
Before the horse races were the dog races! Lots of hyper little Jack Russel Terriers everywhere.
They chase that little tale thing and have to go over the jumps and through the hole at the end to win.
I think the most entertaining part was at the end of the race, one would inevitably escape and people had to run around trying to chase them down.
Then it was time for the actual horse races. A lot of people stood, but we brought blankets to sit on in between the races. Behind and also down to the side some people and companies had their own designated areas, but this was just fine for us.

There horses were just gorgeous and had the most creative names too!
I'm not sure the last time I saw someone smoking a cigar that big. Seems like quite the "gentleman" type of activity. Like...I imagine him going and sitting in the library with other men and drinking whiskey or something.

They had a contest for the best hats. Some people really go all out!
I liked how bold in purple this random girl was.
Here I am with Kelley.

Another pic of Haley and I. We took a lot of pictures because it's not very often that we get this dressed up.
Haley always gets pictures of me reading, haha. We were making our guesses as to who would win the race. Good thing I don't bet because I would have lost terribly!
The 3 of sitting on our blanket. Speaking of that blanket, Haley put it in the wash later and it completely disintegrated. What the heck? Weird. Also, we became friends with the man who is taking the picture who turned out to be quite an important person. You just never know who you're going to meet. He encouraged me to network with a particular company and I ended up getting an interview out of it!
Such a fun day! Thanks to Haley for driving and to Kelley for paying for lunch and the enormous parking fee! (The parking fee was more than the ticket in, good grief). Definitely would like to go to another horse race in the future. Kentucky Derby?

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May 20, 2011 at 3:02 PM

Best. blog. post. ever.
Lauren, you get another gold star for this..! As long as you keep updating your blog, I won't have to do mine ;) haha jk jk

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