The United States Botanic Garden

According to the pamphlet I picked up: "Steeped in history, rich with tradition the United States Botanic Garden is one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America. It informs visitors about the importance and often irreplaceable value of plants to the well-being of humankind and to earth's fragile ecosystems. The Garden highlights the diversity of plants worldwide as well as their aesthetic, cultural,economic, therapeutic, and ecological significance."
This place is also completely free and easily accessible, it's located right by the Capitol.
They have some outside gardens which are cute and nice to walk around.

Make sure you walk across the street and see the other pretty gardens they have. I took a book and sat down on a bench and read while I worked on my tan.

But inside is where all of the really cool plants are. How pretty is this?
Within the conservatory they have different rooms such as Hawaii, World Deserts, Jungle, South Exposure, Orchids and many more.
Also according to the pamphlet: The United States Botanic Garden is rooted in the nation's heritage. During the late 18th century George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison shared the dream of having a national botanic garden and were instrumental in establishing one on the National Mall in 1820. The Botanic Garden ahs been in continuous operation and open to the public since 1850.

This is my favorite picture. What beautiful flowers.
Next time I'm bringing my big Canon.

The public health major in me was interested to read about how plants have been used in medicine.

Weirdest cactus ever!

It's open year-round and definitely worth a visit, especially since it doesn't take much time.

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