Someone Mowed Our Lawn

I really like where I'm living, but I did have a few reservations about some of the neighbors at first. They seemed a little intimidating, however it turns out they're really nice. A few weeks ago our lawn was growing out of control. I'm kind of horrified to show you what our lawn used to look like, but in my defense I took the push mower out there twice, but I wasn't very successful. The blades are not sharp and I think I mostly just flattened the grass. So then I took scissors out there to get the long parts which I'm sure the neighbors got a good laugh at - watching their crazy white girl neighbor cut grass with scissors. But then one day someone took pity on us and mowed our lawn without any of us knowing! We have no idea who did it or even when, but one day it was just mowed all nice and pretty. Bless them. We seriously don't know a soul around here, so whoever did it really performed a random act of kindness. It is extremely appreciated.
Kindness goes a long way, especially when it's done with nothing expected in return. We don't know who mowed our lawn, but thank you to whoever did.

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