Jefferson Memorial

I noticed the Jefferson Memorial from a distance while looking at the Cherry Blossoms and knew that I needed to go see this beautiful monument that was built in honor of our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson. It's about a 15 minute walk from the Smithsonian Metro stop and is set right against the tidal basin. This is what you see as you come up to it from behind.
It's a very beautiful structure that was built in 1943, 200 years after the birth of Thomas Jefferson.
You can see the Washington Monument from it.
Similar to the Lincoln Memorial, there is a statue of Thomas Jefferson in the center.
Really meaningful excerpts from his speeches have been inscribed on the walls surrounding the statue.

The details are so beautiful. I think those holes are where they have cameras. There is no shortage of security in DC, that's for sure.
I took this is as I was walking away. All the cherry blossoms are long gone and now it's just green.

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