Happy Birthday Stephanie!

My little sister turns 21 today!!! I sure love this girl. Growing up we were always known as the sisters who never fought. This absolutely amazed other people, but it was true, we just didn't fight with each other like most siblings did. When I was very young I can distinctly remember watching Steph crawl around near our room and thinking, "I can't wait till she's old enough to talk and play with me." And now, she's an adult! I love how we can have so many similar and yet different interests but still practically share a brain. We say so many of the same things at the same time and think the same way so often it scares us. I'm so impressed with all of the wonderful things she's doing with her life and what smart and beautiful girl she is.
Check out the bangs and model poses. Ahh, she's so darling.
I could not keep my hands off her! Steph was like my little prized possession. And she was so patient with all of the bossing around I did. If Steph was in a bad mood as a little girl there was one sure way to make her laugh I discovered. Tell her the joke: "What did one hot dog say to the other hot dog? Hi Frank!" I'm positive she didn't understand the joke, but she laughed like it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. And what's funnier is that she laughed that way every time she heard it, as if it were the first time.
Poor Steph, as the baby, she was always smothered with love. She is just too cute and people can't get enough of her! I'm not sure where this picture was taken, but it reminds me of how we used to share a room and at night I would entertain Steph by pulling out this pink pig puppet and I'd have it talk in its own voice and rub his hands together and say, "Muahaha." She laughed so much at that. I remember one time when she was just tiny we were sitting down close to each other and I guess she was curious to see what my eye felt like because out of nowhere she just poked it with her finger. It happened so quickly I didn't even have time to blink and my eye hurt for a few days. I remember when she was just a baby and before she could really speak we almost had our own little language. I knew what she was trying to say and would tell Mom what she wanted when nobody else could understand.
Happy birthday bebe!

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May 7, 2011 at 2:24 AM

Ohhh I love this!!! Thank you so much!!! This made me laugh so hard. I remember the pig puppet and the hot dog joke...haha you always knew how to make me laugh. I love you so much sweet sissy!

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