Georgetown Cupcakes

The famous Georgetown Cupcakes. They even have their own show: DC Cupcakes. I met a teacher who was visiting DC with a large group of sixth graders from out of town and she asked them what they wanted to do most while they were here in DC and they said they wanted a cupcake from Georgetown! That made me laugh. They are pretty good. I've posted pictures before of the line they have outside of their store on a regular basis. It's out of control - so many people are willing to stand forever just to get a cupcake.
Luckily, Lisa, the girl who I'm renting from sent us a box of cupcakes since I did her a bunch of favors. If someone sends them to you in the Washington DC area it will arrive in a big, white bag, with a card and the cupcakes all in a big pink box.
The packaging is super cute, but this is the best part...Mmmm. Milk chocolate birthday is my favorite one.
To avoid standing in line it's a good idea to pre-order and then go pick them up in person. That's what I would do next time I wanted cupcakes. They have 2 locations - one on M street in Georgetown and one in Bethesda. Also, if you follow them on twitter you can find out what the free, secret cupcake is everyday and ask for it when you go in. If you like cupcakes and you come to DC I think this is a great place to stop. However, if you don't have time to pre-order or stand in line you can try Sprinkles ,which is just down the street, or Hello Cupcake by Dupont Circle.

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May 20, 2011 at 3:52 AM

mmm...i want those right now! miss you, lauren!

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