Haley and I both enjoy eating a great meal and so to celebrate our being out here and just to have fun we got dressed up and went out to a restaurant that is on the Top 100 Restaurant list in Washington DC called Cashions.
Sorry for the excessive amounts of photos of us.

By looking at it you wouldn't think that it's as nice as it was. It seems very unassuming just tucked in there between other stores.
The meal was superb. More expensive than I can normally afford, but this was a special occasion and it was so worth it.
I love how fancy restaurants combine foods in ways you never would have expected.
I wasn't too daring with what I ordered - I had chicken with little potatoes and pearl onions. It was some of the best chicken I've ever had in my life.
Haley was adventurous and got bison steak.
Our desserts.
Dinner was better than the desserts, but they were still good.
DC has some seriously great places to eat.

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