Blue Eyes

So about a year ago I had to get new contacts and per my request, the doctor gave me a prescription for colored lenses as well. Well, because his secretary epically failed I was never able to try out colored contacts. But I carried that little prescription around with me for a year, when ironically, the day before it expired, I ended up at costco and headed over to the optical department to finally take a look at the colored contacts. It was totally bizarre to see myself with different colored eyes. I'm used to seeing myself with different hair colors, but not different eye colors.

So here's what I normally look like with brown eyes.
And now....BLUE eyes! Ahh, it totally freaks me out to see myself with different colored eyes.
And again, brown eyes. Au natural. I like to think that I've got the Britney thing going on with the blonde hair and brown eyes.
And now blue! Yes, each eye is a different color blue which kinda throws me off as well. They only let me take home one of each color so that's why they're different.
I think with my fair skin and light hair I could pull off blue eyes, possibly. But blue contacts just rarely look natural on people, unless you're Paris Hilton. Yes she has naturally has brown eyes! Just google it or look very closely at a zoomed in picture of her face and you can tell they're not her real eye color.
And then for fun, here's me with violet and green eyes. hahaha.
Even though brown eyes are not the most exciting, I kind of like being unique with blonde hair and brown eyes, like Britney (Spears). I have this weird OCD thing with looking at the color of other people's eyes. It's shocking how rare it is for Caucasian people to have brown eyes. When I say that most people are like whatever, brown eyes are so common, but then when I ask them to start noticing they're all like, "Yeah, that's true. Most white people do have blue or green or hazel eyes."

Anyway, I didn't buy the blue colored contracts, but they were fun. I'm kind of tempted to get them one day and see if anyone notices.

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