Annapolis and Amish Market

A few weekends ago Haley and I ventured to Annapolis to check it out. It's only about a half hour drive which is quite convenient.
Haley works for the government and therefore gets access into cool places. Hello Naval Academy.
It was a cloudy day, but nonetheless, Annapolis is an incredibly cute place that we plan on going back to frequently.
We want to go sailing this summer. Which means we need to make friends with people who have boats.
Cute homes.
And cute boys running.
We also went to an Amish Market, although that market was not in Annapolis, but closer to home. Amish people are so fascinating to me. They sold lots of different kinds of food. I want to go back to Pennsylvania and do more Amish things since I haven't been since I was like 12.
Read the sign - chocolate covered bacon! They are for reals! In fact, they ran out before I took the picture! Eww, people, eww!
Mmm, lots of good treats that were hard to resist.

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