Walking Around DC

I really like the Georgetown area. Still have much more exploring to do, but so far this seems to be a really cool area. On a sidenote...I'm so glad that I had the experience of living in London for study abroad before moving here to DC. It really prepared me for living in a big city and helped me become very adjusted to using public transportation and such. Bakersfield and Provo, even Salt Lake are nothing compared to what it's like here in DC or London.
The shopping is excellent on M street in Georgetown. Everything from Anthropologie to Zara's to J Crew to Dean & Deluca.
Wow, only in DC do you have a radio station to hear about parking information. There really is practically no parking in DC. It's insane. The driving is crazy too, I have never been honked at so many times, missed so many turns or accidentally taken the long way home.
Haley and I always say how one day we're going to have a home in DC because we'll be super rich.
Upside down speed limit sign.
Cool building. Wow, I really need to start amping up my commentary.

Even the dogs love DC! I've come to the conclusion that people here are fairly rude drivers - always in a major rush and will honk at you over the slightest thing. But outside of their car they are the nicest people. Everyone has been extremely friendly and kind. Moral of the story: honking is normal here, don't take it personally, they're probably actually really nice in real life. One time on the bus Haley and I were a dollar short and a random man who had an accent came up and insisted on paying that extra dollar for us. How nice! Another time (the same day) I was 40 cents short and couldn't get out of the metro and the worker let me by for free but joked that I owed him haha. People have been super nice to us. Second moral of the story: carry lots of cash and coins in DC because you will run out quickly.
Haley and I have tried to get a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes, but no luck. The lines are outrageously long, always. Even in the rain.
But they do have their own show on TLC, cool!

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