The Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate were married today!! I was so excited about it that I set my alarm and for once in my life woke up at 6 am without any hesitation! I turned on my computer and watched it on eonline just as Kate was walking down the aisle. I planned on only watching for about 20 minutes, but 3 hours later I still hadn't budged from my chair. It was a very nice wedding and they seemed so happy. I can't even comprehend how nervous she must have felt with an estimated 2 billion people watching. But she has so much grace and was so calm. I liked her dress a lot, but that much lace isn't my favorite, but it worked well for her. I also thought it was interesting that the dress was padded around the hips to make her waist look smaller.

I was so excited about this wedding because I grew up at the same time that William and Harry grew up and I have been following their lives since I was very young. I can remember as a little girl seeing Prince William's picture on the cover of magazines in grocery stores and thinking how cool it was that he was a prince and how cute he was too. I remember how lovely his mother, Princess Diana was and all of the service she did. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car while driving home from the beach on an August evening and hearing the news that Princess Diana had died. It was so tragic and terribly sad. I remember going to England 2 years ago and being there at the Trooping of the Colour and seeing the Royal Family with my own eyes as they passed by. Surprisingly though it wasn't William who caught my attention, but Harry, who is incredibly attractive in real life (as well as in pictures, but even moreso in person). I have been following William and Kate's relationship for practically the entire time they've been dating, always interested to hear the new updates, so it only made sense to watch their wedding live. Afterall, it is supposedly the wedding of the century. Well, until their children are married at least.

I thought the kiss should have been not quite so fast, but I absolutely love that they kissed twice, that was so sweet. William seems like the absolute nicest guy ever.
Yay for Royal Weddings! It was definitely worth waking up early for!

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May 3, 2011 at 5:47 PM

This makes me sick. I don't want to hear of the royal wedding anymore!!! why??? Because I am jealous. End of story. No joke my stomach churns when I think about this wedding. I wanted prince william! I wanted the most fabulous wedding dress! I want I want I want! bahaha ok can you tell my lifes a bit lame?

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