A Random Walk

I posted this post accidentally forever ago and now I'm posting it for real. When I first moved to DC I spent most of my time sight-seeing and job hunting. I took my camera out with me one day as I went for a walk around the city and snapped these pictures. This is probably my favorite picture I've taken in DC so far.
World War II Memorial. This one is really pretty at night.

Cherry blossoms were disappearing at this point in time.
By there were still a few left behind.

I love little animals, too bad I didn't have any food to feed this lil guy.
I really like taking pictures of the Washington Monument apparently.
How often do you see law enforcement riding horses these days?
This is a nice place to come and rest for a while.

DC original was filled with canals to transport goods, but they became more of a burden than they were worth and railroads began to dominate transportation so many of the canals were filled in.
The White House from a distance.
They are doing some construction on the reflecting pool and I hope they finish it soon because it just doesn't look the same without water. I heard that there were some leakage problems. This was taken from the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

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April 19, 2011 at 7:09 PM

the pictures are all so beautiful! my favorite is probably that first one. what a cool place to be!

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