The Places I've Lived

In the last 5 1/2 years I have moved over 10 different times. Whoa.

I started off in the dorms for the fall/winter of freshman year, then I moved home to Bakersfield for the summer, then I lived the next fall/winter in Regency in Provo and then in spring moved to Condo Row where I spent an entire year there. Then the next spring/summer in Liberty Square, but spring and summer were spent in two different apartments in Liberty Square. Then I moved to Courtside for a full year, but that spring lived in London for study abroad. I came back and moved into a different apartment in Courtside for a fall/winter, then moved home again in the spring, traveled and then last fall I came back up to Utah and moved into Belmont. And now I just moved back east. Whew. That's a lot of moving. It's a hassle and I don't love it, but I do enjoy experiencing new places. Plus every time I move I clean out so much of stuff and get more organized which is nice.

Let me take you on a little tour of the places I've lived. Here is DT which no longer exists :( It was not fancy and I shared the tiniest room on the planet with Erin, but it was perfect for that first year of college living. We lived on the 5th floor, which I think was an omen that I would be climbing a lot of stairs not only that year, but the rest of my time at BYU. We ate at the Morris Center with our meal cards and hung out in the lobby and abided by visiting hours. That first year is what really set the tone for my experience at BYU, I'm so glad I lived in the dorms. I also got really lucky with an amazing first roommate, Erin. We continued to share a room for the rest of our time at college.
Here is Regency. There are 6 girls per apartment which is a ton, but other than that there weren't many downsides. I can't figure out why it's such a cheap place to live - it is close to campus, there is a pool, each apartment has a balcony, and there is an extra freezer in the back storage closet. Not bad. If I remember right, we lived on the third floor in 210. Interesting year for sure.
Here is Condo row where we lived in Kensington. I loved this place. Bright red sofas and a great location. Although parking could be tricky.
Liberty Square. This is a pretty famous place to live around BYU, mostly full of fresh out of high school girls. It was a really fun spring/summer here and I'm glad I got to experience it.
Courtside. Probably the ugliest building I ever lived in, but my favorite place I ever lived. It was extremely close to campus, closer than even the dorms. But it wasn't so much the building that I loved, but all of the experiences that I had here. I lived on the third floor for one year and on the first floor for another year.
Easily the most posh place I ever lived. Our flat on Palace Court in London. A beautiful building inside and out and in the most prime location in London.
The place I stayed at in Provo was Belmont. Belmont has quite the reputation for being filled with snobby people, but I didn't find that to be very true. There was a good mixture and lots of very attractive guys. They were really flexible with the rent and I ended up paying less per month here than Courtside. And I even had my own room - first time ever in college!
I drove back around to all these places I've lived (except DT - cause it doesn't exists anymore and London - cause, well that would involve a plane ride) to take pictures. It was fun to think back to when I lived there remember ALL the things that happened at each one of them. Oh man, a lot of hilarious and interesting things happened over the last 5 1/2 years in Utah, that is for sure. And now this is my new home here out East. I really like it so far.
While I'm talking about the places I've lived I might as well go back and cover the rest of them. Here is the home I lived in from when I was about 0-2 years old in Denver. I have very few memories here in this home since I was so young, but I do remember pushing something into Mom's dresser in her room (I think I remember this because it was probably something I was not supposed to do and I wasn't used to doing things that I shouldn't), looking at the dated, yellowish kitchen floor while probably "helping" mom with the dishes, and watching Dad read the newspaper near a lamp with green, glass shade.
Then we moved to this place in Bakersfield and I lived here till I was about 11. The new lady who lives here doesn't plant lots of pretty flowers like Mom did so it doesn't look quite as nice as it did when we were there. I have lots of good memories here. Climbing up the eucalyptus tree in the backyard and sitting in there to write in my journal, digging mud holes in the backyard to play dinosaurs, helping mom plant flowers, holding a praying mantis and playing with sailbugs. Also getting thorns in my feet from the bougainvillea plants in the front of our house. We got Socks while living here and the two kitties. Sometimes Grandpa would bring over some baby ducks or chicks for us to play with while he still had his farm.
Then from 12-now this is the place I have called home in Bakersfield. I have loved this house. Nice sized yard that is filled with fruit trees and a pool. My own room and even balcony. Great location and nice neighbors. I hope we have this house for a very long time.
And that concludes the home tour! That is probably way too much information about the places I have lived, but it was fun to look back on the places I have lived. Now I wonder if I could recall of the addresses for each of those places. Hmm.

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