Out and About in DC

Here is a really random assortment of pictures I've taken while out in DC. Or as I hear locals say, "The District."
What is a hidden driveway? I see these signs all over the place, but the driveways don't seem to hidden to me.
Cool, but probably super expensive apartments.
Parking is a headache. And make sure to read the top sign first (the lead sign) and work your way down. At least that's what the tow truck guy told Haley.
So many neighborhoods to get familiar with, such as Dupont Circle in DC. Mom and I did not know what a treat we were in for when we went through the Roundabout at Dupont. Brace yourself.
There is Canal in Georgetown by M street. I stumbled upon it and thought that was kinda cool.
The name of this place is called Hunan Express. Does that sound too much like Human Express to anyone else? I imagine them cooking up a human, ewww.
Mmm, Sprinkles cupcakes!
I love their cupcakes because they have a homemade feel to them.
Enjoying my first one! My favorite so far is the vanilla with the milk chocolate cream cheese frosting.
To get one, go to Georgetown and walk down M street! Georgetown cupcakes are also on that same street, but have a much longer line than Sprinkles.

They were so good we went back again :)
No greenery yet! (Well, not when this pic was taken at the beginning of April).
Driving across the Potomac.
That's Arlington over there.
Dude, the streets here are super confusing downtown! You're just going along your merry way when all of a sudden the street in front of you splits and your GPS isn't smart enough to tell you which way to go, so you have to guess and hope you're right.
Whoa, cool building. Looks haunted.
Can someone please tell me what the bike box is? Then maybe I could behind it.
Awesome colored homes!
So many cute neighborhoods. I always wonder what people's jobs must be to afford to live in a place like this.
Do you notice anything about this picture? Not in particular. Except if you look closely you'll see that there is a street light saying it's green to go. Umm, I'm sorry, but that is just way too small. I'm surprised I haven't run a red on accident. A lot of the lights in DC look like this and it's hard to train my mind to look side to side for them instead of straight in front of me.
So many signs that I don't understand.

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