Nashville - Opryland and The Hermitage

If you go to Nashville, you have to go to Opryland! I had no idea what to expect, but it was beautiful. There are lots of shops, places to eat and gorgeous gardens - all indoors.

Mom and I enjoyed the most delicious lunch!! It was so incredibly good.
What we were most excited about were the fried green tomatoes. Before we even left on the trip we had made a goal to eat some while we were in the south and we did. MmmMmm, we were not let down, absolutely delicious.
A cheese plate, of course. Yumm.

I'm the type of person who always orders just water to drink when I eat out, but I made an exception after trying mom's lavender lemonade. It was one of the most delicious lemonade drinks I've ever had. Who would have thought to put lavender in lemonade? Genius. I would give a lot of money to have another one right now.
Isn't this place just incredible?

How great would it be to have a room that looked onto one of the three conservatories? Such a pretty view.
This is just a random side note, but Southern hospitality is absolutely a real thing. People treat you like family down there and are just so darn nice. Very genuine and kind. They are extremely willing to help and even go out of their way to make sure that you're taken care of, which really impressed me.

We wandered around the different conservatories enjoying all of the beautiful greenery and pretty flowers.

While in Nashville we also visited The Hermitage, which was home to our 7th president, Andrew Jackson.
We could go in the hallways and up the stairs on the tour, but not actually into any of the rooms because they contained a lot of original pieces, including flooring and wallpaper etc. They have made it look exactly like it would have looked when Andrew lived here which is cool, you almost feel like you've gone back in time when you're walking around.

The grounds were all really pretty.
Random comment - when Mom and I went to buy our tickets for The Hermitage at the little booth, the woman asked how old I was and Mom said that I was 23 and the woman said, "Oh my goodness, I thought she was a child!" I'm assuming she asked to know if I qualified for child prices? I've been asked if I were 16 and 18 before...but never 12 hahaha.
Mom in front of their family cemetery.
Here is where Andrew and his wife, Rachel, are buried.
Here's the grave of a slave, Alfred Jackson, who was a slave and then freed at the Hermitage. He lived here all his life, even after he was freed, and gave tours of the place later on his life. When he died he requested to be buried near the President and his wife.
After reading this you can tell that Andrew Jackson really, really, really loved his wife. It's sweet. However, the Trail of Tears (thanks to Jackson) was not.
Pretty flowers near the cemetery.

While we were getting our headsets for our self-guided tour, the lady who was handing them out noticed that I wasn't dressed very warmly and without hesitation offered me a coat she had in the back. I was so grateful to have that coat because it was much colder than I expected. Isn't that so nice for someone I don't even know to offer me a coat, especially since I never even asked for it? It was so kind of her and another example of true Southern hospitality.
I look like I have no hands in this picture.
Another view of the house.
Mom and I were in Nashville for a very short time and yet did so much. We are quite the traveling/sight-seeing duo! When we know there's a lot to see and do (like in London) we don't waste any time, and yet, we don't rush anything so that we can still enjoy it - perfect.

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