Kentucky and Tennessee

We drove through a small portion of Illinois next and then through part of Kentucky. I was excited about Kentucky because it was a new state that I could cross off my list.
The scenery was lovely and we definitely started to feel more like we were in the South.
Mom found these cigarette candies at the convenience store. She said she remembers them from when she was little but that California outlawed them long ago and she was surprised to see that they still existed. They really do look like cigarette packages!
We ate lunch at Steak n' Shake. It was SUPER cheap and actually really good. All the Kentucky people here had extremely heavy accents. I mean like whoa. It's so cool to hear them speak like that and we wondered what they thought when they heard us speak.
We didn't order it, but we saw sweet tea, another sign that we were in the South. Also, people in the South are just so incredibly nice. Southern hospitality is still in full force.
I have been on a grilled cheese sandwich kick lately.
After Kentucky we headed to Tennessee where we had such a great time. Lots to say about this later!
Nashville this next time, Memphis next.

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April 16, 2011 at 1:29 AM

mmmmm steak n shake =]] open 24/7 thats where my friends and I thought we were so cool to go hang there after midnight. Hope you had a shake they're way good =]

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