Next state - Kansas. This state is as long and as boring as it sounds, at least the parts of it off the I-70. I'm sure there are interesting cities, but they certainly aren't by the freeway.
The view for practically the entire way.
Are you joking me? Who comes up with these names. Kansas + Colorado = Kanorado.
741 miles. I wanted to take a picture at the 999 mark, but both times I missed it, darn it.
We came prepared! Thanks to AAA for all of the free maps.
World's 2nd friendliest yarn store. Whoa, hold me back. First of all though, how is this determined and second, who is the first friendliest?
They also have the world's largest Czech egg. Wow, that is random. And the world's largest prairie dog. That almost seems to be bordering on desperate. There really must not be much to see or do in Kansas.
And all throughout the state there were super Christian signs and pictures. Kansas is a God fearing people, that's for sure!
So it was pretty chilly while we were driving out east, but because my car was in a fragile state with the check engine light on and all I refused to turn the heat on for fear it would negatively affect the way my car was running, but poor mom was freezing! We had to go to the gas station so she could buy socks and she put two layers on. Poor Mom, probably almost had hypothermia. After the check engine light went off I decided we could probably turn the heat back on.
Since we drove through Kansas on a Sunday we listened to church music and church talks and the talks really made the time go by so quickly. I have never had a desire to listen to books on tape, but after how enjoyable it was listening to talks I think that I would give books on a tape a try next time I do a long drive.

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April 10, 2011 at 2:24 PM

I have driven through this state a few times now and I feel the same way. I am lucky enough to get to drive through it again this summer. I love reading all your updates!

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