Getting to DC

Here's the last post of the roadtrip to DC. We drove for 6 days and over 2500 miles in all, and yet, when we got to DC we were sad our roadtrip was over. We could have easily kept going. We had such a great time!! Everyone thinks we're crazy when we tell them, but it's true, it was so enjoyable we were not ready for it to end!
You know you're in Virginia when every single city has burg or ville at the end of it's name.
Ahh, getting close! The reality of this move started to hit me when we saw the signs saying how much closer we were getting to DC. It was like whoa, this plan is now becoming a reality - I'm really here!
And welcome to DC! Nothing likes loads of traffic!
Welcome to Maryland! I am still going to find a Welcome to Virginia sign and Welcome to DC sign to put up here. We drove past them too quickly to get a pic the first time, but now that I know where they are I can go back and take them.
Getting close! I think Good Luck Road is a good sign :)
My new room! So much unpacking and organizing to do.
Mom stayed for 3 days at a nearby hotel which was great so we could spend some time seeing a few sights.
If you pulled up to this meter and you put your money in and came back in an hour you'd think everything was fine, wouldn't you? Oh no. Not in DC. You must make sure to read every sign on the street, even if it's not near your car, to make sure that there aren't any other restrictions that might possibly apply to you. We learned this hard way. As we were walking back to the car after looking at cherry blossoms we saw Haley's car literally being towed away. Yikes!!! We found her car had simply been relocated to a different street because you aren't allowed to park on this street from 4-6:30 PM (I think those were the hours). We had no idea - what a random rule. Luckily we found it, but there were still 2 fines to pay. Thanks to Mom for paying those.
Everything is better though when you go out for a nice dinner! We went to 701, which is on the list for Top 100 places to eat in Washington DC. We can see why. We felt slightly under-dressed, but no big deal. The food was incredibly delicious, let me show you what we ate...

Here are Haley's quail eggs. Mom and I don't feel right about eating them, but Haley says they're really good. Maybe one day I'll try.
Haley's salad with yellow beets.
Cheese plate and stuff mushrooms. I don't even like mushrooms, but these were heavenly. I'm not sure where I put the rest of the pictures of the food, but let's just skip to dessert.
I love food.
Now my posts will be about DC! Yay!

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April 22, 2011 at 10:56 PM

mmmm food. I had this one experience where I had to eat things like fish head soup and look at giant scary fish heads with sharp teeth while I ate and since then I have been very fond and grateful for good food ;] have you been to potbellys yet??? Their sandwiches melt in your mouth =]]]

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