The Capitol and My Squirrel Friend

The US Capitol is such a beautiful building, especially in person. It's enormous and very detailed. I walked to it one sunny afternoon while exploring DC and took a few pictures.
I need to find a way to get a tour here one of these days.
Here's a view of the mall from the Capitol looking across The Mall towards the Washington Monument.

If you look up past the fountain you'll notice security guys. They were everywhere.
I saw people on a segway tour and it made me laugh. Of course I took a picture of them! muahaha.
Meet my little squirrel friend! I was sitting on the grass in front of The Capitol and was reading a book when he came up to me so I hurried and pulled out a Fiber One granola bar and started breaking off small pieces for him.
Isn't he so cute!?
Look at that face! He's like a little cartoon character.
Although I hope his digestive system is ok after consuming such a high amount of fiber for a little guy...
Since I've been exploring DC mostly on my own I don't have many pictures of me so I took one of me sitting on the grass while I was feeding my squirrel friend.
Definitely in DC with street signs like this. The NW is referring to the Northwest quadrant of DC.
A few lone protesters in front of the Capitol.
So apparently on the East Coast instead of having signs that say Drop Off or something they call them "Kiss and Rides" Basically it's where you say goodbye. Interesting. I took this picture at one of the metro stops.

1 Response to The Capitol and My Squirrel Friend

April 26, 2011 at 12:27 PM

AH! Love love love the squirrel!!! And at O'hare we have kiss & fly where at the airport you say goodbye =]]] you look like your having such a great time. I cant wait to come see you.

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