California to Colorado

To start off our journey in getting me and all of my belongings back east Mom and I left Bakersfield and flew out of Long Beach (I love that airport, it's so small and I always feel like I'm transported back in time for some reason) to Salt Lake City. Then we had dinner with Steph and Layne and spent the night at my place after we finished loading up my car and cleaning my apartment.
Goodbye sunny California.
Then the next day we slept in a little bit, got lunch at Costa Vida (why have I never eaten their tacos before, oh my gosh, they are amazing!!! I'm so mad at myself that I only tried them on the day I was leaving) and started on our way out east! Goodbye Utah, you were very good to me.
Hello beautiful Colorado!!
The drive went so smoothly until my check engine light came on. For some reason my car really hates when there is much of a climb. Well, my check engine light came on which is a really bad sign. Granted we were at about 10,000 feet elevation which is significant, but after all the work that has been done to my car I couldn't believe this was happening again. We lost power at one point, which is typical of my car and is a sign that it will completely die very shortly. It was Saturday night and we weren't close to any car places, but it didn't matter because none of them would have been open anyway. We prayed and prayed and prayed and made it to the hotel and found out that there are pretty much no car places open on Sunday either. We didn't want to waste a day just waiting around and then spend more days waiting for parts, so we decided to just drive very carefully and keep going. The check engine light stayed for about the first 6 hours of the drive the next day but finally turned off and has not come back on since! Seriously a miracle. My car has never recovered on its own in the past. The whole rest of the trip though we totally went to the speed limit, took hills very carefully and kept the rpms low just to make sure we didn't do anything that might trigger the light to come on again.
I was born in Denver so we went to visit the old neighborhood.
The first house I lived in! Cute.
Mmm ice cream!
The grocery store - King Soopers. Who decided on the spelling for that?
We stopped for gas and I accidentally pulled into the not self-serve spot and so when a man came out and started asking me what kind of gas I wanted I just stared at him for a second trying to figure out why he was doing this. I'm not in Oregon right? Is he homeless trying to make extra money? Then Mom figured out that Colorado has both options at gas stations which I didn't know about until then. He pumped our gas and washed our windows which was nice. So when you're in CO, make sure you pull up the right gas pump unless you want something else to do it for you. He was a third generation resident and very nice, so at least we got to talk to him for a moment because he answered some of mom's questions about what happened to certain places that had been around when we had lived there, like Pour La France.
The house at night. Doesn't it look cozy?
Leaving Colorful Colorado.
Colorado is a great state for a lot of reasons, but one of the best ones is that it has over 300 days of sun a year. Plus they are one of the healthiest states too. I think I could live here again one day if the opportunity presented itself.

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