At Home

In between Utah and DC I went home to California for about 10 days and had the most wonderful time. I always love going home and getting to spend a lot of time with family. These pictures are in a completely random order, but the order doesn't really matter anyway.
Had to eat at Dewars...more than once. Rosemary's too.
The clouds looked really pretty over the water off of Truxtun so I had to snap a quick picture.
Girls lunch! Steph chose Marie Calendar's to eat at and we really enjoyed our food. Plus we had quite the character for a waiter. I think he was in love with Aunt Heidi! Also, you'll notice a very generous and kind present on my arm from Aunt Heidi.
While leaving we spotted this newspaper headline which struck Mom and I really funny. "Blacks leaving major cities." It sounds like they're talking about birds migrating for the winter or something.
Mom and I also went to lunch with our wonderful friends from church, Kim Graff and Dana Tenney. They are so much fun, we had such a great time talking and laughing.
Grandma's sister, Aunt Jean, has tons of grandchildren of her own, but still sends all of us kids birthday cards with money inside! She is sooooo thoughtful and generous. And isn't this the cutest birthday envelope you've ever seen?
Grandma prepares a traditional boiled Irish dinner every year around St. Patrick's Day and it is always delicious, especially this year! Corn beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots. Her mom used to do this for their family (even though they aren't Irish). Grandma says that she hopes we carry the tradition on with our families.
Grandma always has the most gorgeous flowers on her windowsill. The best part is that they are all from her and Grandpa's garden. So beautiful and impressive. Grandpa is quite the gardener. I love when his sweet peas are in bloom.

If you look closely you'll see a double rainbow. I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow that was so clear and defined - each color was perfectly visible, not blended together like normal.
Grayson is 12! Here he is in his suit at church, how adorable does he look?
The family plus Dixon's sister, Chris, and her husband Drew.
Ashley and I got together and had a night of crazy pictures, as usual.
Steph and I went with Mom to see Frontier High's performance of Phantom of the Opera. For a high school they did a good job. I'm glad we went to see it.
Grayson discovered the trick about putting mentos into diet coke recently, but took it a step further and experimented with other sodas as well. Obviously, the result was successful.
The best time though was when he put in the mentos to the liter of Coke, closed the lid, shook it, dropped it and kicked into the street. Man, that was quite the explosion.
Clean up time was equally as fun.
Drove by my old Elementary school, Stockdale. Awww, such good memories there! It's been about 12 years since I've gone there. 12 years isn't that long of a time and yet so much has happened since then.
Grayson and his friend out for pizza for his birthday having a great time.
Grayson running at the jog-a-ton.
This subway costume cracked me up. Why was this necessary? haha, but the kids loved it and kept high-fiving the giant sandwich.
Run, Grayson, run!
Great action shot.
It's so fun to see Aunt Heidi at Ronald Reagan!
G and I went to Jamba Juice for smoothies and he came home with a berry-fulfilling mustache!
He cracks me up.
It was a great visit at home with the family, so glad I had time to go back before coming out to DC!

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April 7, 2011 at 10:24 AM
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April 7, 2011 at 10:26 AM

HOLY neil tenney! is so huge! oh my gosh. i'm jealous of all the time you got to spend at home LG. God bless Bakersfield.

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