Music from Youtubes

I am too scared of viruses to use websites/programs that allow you to illegally download music for free. Not to mention I feel guilty. (Although if it weren't for all of the free music I've gotten over the years I never would have loved certain bands and then spent lots of money to see them in concert, so in a way free music I think is helpful in getting an artist's name out there and increasing your fan base. Anyway, that's besides the point.)

So I normally just buy all of my music from itunes using the itunes giftcards I get in my stocking each year at Christmas. However, what do you do about those songs you love but aren't on itunes? Well, I find them on youtube and then listen to them on there, although that's pretty inconvenient when you feel like listening to those songs while driving or at the gym and away from the computer.

This website solves that problem easily! Just copy and paste the youtube url into the space provided and it converts the music into an mp3 file for free. Amazing.

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