Deer Valley

For Christmas Steph said that she'd take me skiing and we finally went this past Saturday. Neither of us had been to Deer Valley before even though we'd heard that it was the best, so that's where we decided to go. It's been voted the #1 Ski Resort the past 4 years in a row. We didn't realize it was for skiers only until we got there, what a pleasant surprise! I'm sorry snowboarders, but you guys are the most reckless people on the mountain, so it was nice to just be surrounded by skiers.

I checked the weather that morning and it said it would be cloudy with a 20% chance of snow. When I looked at the live cams on the mountain there was snow on the screen, not a good sign. However, when we got up there the sun came out and it was a beautiful day! It makes all the difference in the world to have good weather, we were so lucky.

Amazing view, anyone?

I heard so many different languages spoken while on the slopes. For some reason I find it adorable when I hear little kids mumbling back to their parents in another language, like German. It also hit me that some of these people traveled thousands of miles to come here, to where I live. It's nice to live somewhere that people want to visit. And how nice I don't have to travel far - it's just 40 miles away from me.

One thing I noticed was that literally everyone was wearing helmets. Is this a new trend? Have people been motivated after the Natasha Richardson incident? It's a pretty good idea, maybe one day I'll look into getting one.

Mom said that when she worked at Park City people used to call Deer Valley Bambi Basin. Hahaha.

When I have kids I am definitely going to take them skiing when they're young. There were so many awesome little kids on the mountain and I want to give my kids a good head start because I think it's a lot easier to learn when you're young.

Did anyone ever play 1080 on Nintendo 64 when they were little? I sure did. I was always Rob Heywood and one of the courses on the game looked exactly like a run at Deer Valley, awesome.

One thing I loved about Deer Valley is all of greenery right on the slopes, very pretty.
This was only my 3rd time skiing this year and last year I wasn't able to go all that often either. I thought that my skiing abilities would stay consistent over the years, but without regular use I am slowly getting worse. After my BYU ski class I was doing great, felt really comfortable going down most runs with ease, no problem. But now I am more cautious and slow as I go down. I'm also an ambi-turner. I have total control turning left since my right leg is in control, but when I turn right my legs forget what to do exactly. Don't get me wrong, I can successfully turn right, it's just not as smooth as when I turn left. I'm sure nobody cares about that, but it was definitely something I kept noticing again and again. I wish I could sign up for the ski class again and get back to where I was and start flying down the mountains with confidence once more.

I think it's impossible to look even relatively attractive in ski goggles, but we had to take a picture anyway on the ski lift.

Disregard my 20 layered marshmallow look and notice my new handy way to carry skis. I usually just hold them or put them over my shoulder, but I always feel like I am about to turn the wrong way and hit someone with them. I saw someone else doing this and it is actually much easier.

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March 7, 2011 at 6:04 PM

Yay for Deer Valley!! I miss skiing so much!

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