Day in El Lay

I arrived in California about 10 days ago and jumped right into things! Flew into LAX and waited for Mom and Dixon to come and pick me all all of my stuff up. (The extra suitcase is for all of the winter clothes I'll be leaving at home.)

This is a face of pure happiness to be back in my home state. I'll always be a California girl at heart, no matter how far away I move.

First stop - the beach!

The surfers were way good!

Ahh. I love the beach.

We ate lunch on the pier at Ruby's. Classic.


Grayson and I at Huntington Beach.

He cracks me up.

Tag anyone?

Favorite picture!

I think he's happy to be at the beach...wouldn't you say?

Then we went to a Laker game! My first one! There were lots of pre-game activities going on outside, like this jumping competition.

Oh cute.

People got creative with their Laker outfits!

Whoa, this guy is decked out.

I love Kobe. People need to stop hating on him, he's seriously an amazing basketball player.

You could text messages to the jumbotron before the game started and we totally loved it! Grayson got lots of bday messages since it's his bday this week.

Dixon sent this one.

There were even Jimmer messages that were up there that I didn't send! Go BYU :)

There were more messages about Jimmernation and BYU later on. I was glad to see the love even out here in Cali for my school. And then because we were playing the Magic someone said, "Save the magic for David Blaine." ha. But then because Grayson is a Dwight Howard fan he texted them go "magik" and they actually put it up! I'm not sure why he spelled it that way either.

Dixon sent this one for me haha.

We had way too much fun with that.

I'm not sure why, but during the game I decided that Pau Gasol is one my favorite players. He's just cool.

Grayson trying to watch the post-game interviews and get on camera while on Dixon's shoulders. I think it worked!

Driving home through LA.

Great first day at home. It's sure nice to be back in California!

2 Response to Day in El Lay

March 25, 2011 at 3:03 PM

you know my Ruby is named after Ruby's Diner yes?? :) :) loooooove. ps soak up that sun for me, its snowing here today

March 25, 2011 at 9:37 PM

That looked so fun, and the food looked SOOO good!

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