I had a great weekend spent up in Park City/Salt Lake. It all started off on Thursday night when my roommate Haley and I randomly went up to Park City for dinner. Main Street looked so cute all lit up. I think it was too cold though for any celebrities to be out wandering around.
The well-known Egyptian Theater.
Haley and I - I am not on my normal side of the picture!
It was super cold so we took a hot chocolate break.
We ate at Yuki Arashi which is on Main Street in Park City. I thought it was incredibly delicious Japanese food, although pretty pricey considering the portion sizes. Haley said that her mom, who is Japanese, would have a "panic attack" if she saw the prices. hahaha. Haley says that although Japan is an expensive place, you get much higher quality food for a lot less money than here in the US. I love tempura :)

On Saturday Kiara and I went skiing up at Park City! I was once again reminded why this is my favorite resort. There are so many runs it's impossible to get bored. And we had the most gorgeous weather - all sun, not a cloud in the sky.
Kiara is awesome and was able to get me an all day lift ticket for just $20! That is like $70 off, what a deal! However, probably as a result of all the sun, the runs were pretty icy with not much powder. I guess I'm being really picky because last week I complained about too much powder, but it's sure nice where there's a happy medium. These was one run where I felt like I was skiing down a pile of ice cubes, very strange. But overall it was great, just some runs were extra tricky due to the quality of snow.
This run is called Prospector and is steeper than it looks. Kiara and went down some double blues, but it takes so much concentration for me to get down safely that it loses it's appeal. I've been extra cautious since since I sprained my ankle earlier this year. I don't feel very controlled when I'm going down a steep hill, I prefer going down a harder green where I feel totally in control and can fly down the mountain and break-neck speed. Good thing we went on a Friday when all the kids were in school so I didn't have to be extra careful. :) I've lived in Utah for 5 years and have never been to the Sundance Film Festival, which is just sad because people fly in from all over the country, when it's practically in my backyard. So this year I decided I was definitely going to go and see a movie!
Because it was more convenient I went to the theater on Broadway in Salt Lake with Layne. If you'd like to go and you haven't already purchased tickets what you do is go to the theater 2 hours early, get a waitlist number, come back half an hour before the movie starts and wait in line. If there is enough room for you to go in then you pay $15 for a ticket and go in and find a seat! Super easy. We were numbers 36 and 37 which made me nervous that we wouldn't get in, but luckily we did because the movie was amazing.
The sun was in our eyes, which is why Layne is looking less than amused.
The movie, Senna, was about Ayrton Senna who is considered one of the best, if not the best, Formula 1 racecar drivers in the history of the sport. He is from Brazil and raced in the late 80's and early 90's until he was tragically killed while driving in a race. The movie was so GOOD. I would go see it again and again. Good story line, plus Senna is a very attractive and likeable person. Here a few pictures of him:

Steph told me about this great Belgian Waffle place in downtown and I've been wanting to go for a while. When I was googling their address I found out that they were featured on Travel Channel's "Man v Food." While we were waiting for the movie to start Layne and I walked down here and tried it out. Delicious! Although the place is a lot smaller than I expected!

The man who helped me might have been the owner because he definitely had a Belgian accent. He was very helpful and directed me towards a waffle that had chocolate in the center with strawberries and whipped cream on top - YUM! He said, "Thank you for coming in Lauren, I think you will really enjoy it." So friendly. Then as people left he would say, "Au re voir, Merci!"

I was so impressed after Senna that I convinced Steph to go back with me later that night to watch more! The next movie showing was a series of 5 short films. And honestly I didn't like a single one of them. They were a combination of strange, gross and/or trashy. In fact, we got up and walked out of the last one because it was just that bad. I guess some people like stuff like that, but it just seemed tasteless.

Got a quick pic of the schedule so I could know when to come back. In between seeing movies Layne took his parents, my sister and I out to dinner at Olive Garden in celebration of his new job. So nice of him.
I didn't want to end Sundance on a bad note, so I took Steph home then came back by myself and went to a series of short documentaries. Some were a little strange and it made me sad to see how some people live life with almost no purpose. It's seems like they're just so lost and confused. They just look for immediate pleasure and end up wasting most of their time. But overall the documentaries were really good and I wished they were longer.
Awesome weekend! Delicious food, skiing and Sundance films. Utah is pretty great place to live.

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February 3, 2011 at 10:32 PM

I wish I did more things like this. I feel like you are always going to do fun things! If you ever need someone to go with you, please call me. I need someone to help me get out of the house more!

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