Steph and I have always wanted to try snowshoeing so this Saturday I rented two pairs of snowshoes from BYU for $9 each and then Steph drove down from Salt Lake to Provo. Sadly, the weather was not cooperating; it was raining and snowing heavily. So we watched some youtubes, talked, went to Zupas for dinner and then miraculously the weather cleared up just long enough for us to drive up Provo Canyon to South Fork and try out our snowshoes!

Sisters! We are ultra bundled up!

This is so naive, but I honestly expected the snowshoes to be wooden like the old fashion ones you always see in cartoons. When the guy at BYU handed me these I said, "Is this all?" haha, yep! They worked well! Not sure if I put them on exactly right, but they did the trick.

We found a snowman friend with spikey hair!

Steph is ready to conquer the mountain!

The best part about snowshoeing was that after we climbed up a relatively steep hill (it's hard to go up anything too steep on snow) we realized coming down was going to be a little tricky so we just sat and slid down! It was really so much fun! We were like little kids - kept going back up and sliding down again and again!

Here I am!

I'm exaggerating a little with my hands in the air, but it made it a little more exciting.

You can see a faint blue line in the snow from Steph's pants! haha

I love this picture, hahaha.

The sun even came out for a little while!

The mountains are so beautiful. It feels amazing to be out in nature, I absolutely love it. And it brings out the little kid in me - when I'm out there I always feel like exploring and getting lost in the woods.

As you can tell it started to get dark quickly and we left just before it started to snow again. Thank you weather for cooperating with us so well! I think this picture looks kinda eerie, I like it.

Even though I'm glad I was not a pioneer, I am a little jealous of all the time they got to spend in nature. It's so beautiful and refreshing and helps you stay connected to what's important in life. I just absolutely love it. It's good for the soul.

This weekend I also went to Mari's wedding reception in Salt Lake with Brittany! So great to see both of them and Sydney and Brandt. I miss hanging out with them everyday in London!
Because Steph is such a sweet sister she agreed to go with me to see Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber movie, even though I'm sure there were a million other things she would have rather been doing. Well, luckily we both thought it was so good! We laughed way more than we do through most comedies. It was incredibly funny. Even if you don't think he's super cute (which I can't begin to understand), his story of success is pretty incredible. He's very likable and the type of person you want to succeed.

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March 2, 2011 at 6:01 PM

So fun to go to the wedding with you! the countdown is officially on for DC! I must see you before you leave!

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