Flower Arranging

All last week I worked at a local flower shop making floral arrangements for Valentine's Day. I worked here once before, about 5 years ago, which I discovered through my floral design class when I heard that they needed extra help. It's long hours and tiring when you're on your feet for 8+ hours a day, but also incredibly fun to make gorgeous arrangements. Luckily I proved myself worthy to be on the "design team" and got to work on creating the more expensive arrangements. And the more expensive the arrangement the more fun it is to make!
Essentially, the managers tell you how many of each type of flower to include in the arrangement and how tall it can be, but the arranger gets to decide on the color scheme and how they are going to place the flowers. Yay for creative control :)
We were working in a warehouse, not a quaint little shop - these people meant business. We created thousands of arrangements that were distributed all throughout Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.
Almost every one of these pictures were taken on my phone so I could be somewhat inconspicuous.
Believe it or not, this arrangement will sell for 130.00!! Personally, I would rather someone give me the money than spend that much on an arrangement!
These little guys were the hardest to make because it was really tough to get that long grass to stick into the moss.
I thought these baskets turned out cute. Reminded me of Easter.
Some of the ladies who work there spoke Spanish as their first language and I was very pleased with myself at how much I understood from their conversations. One of them said that her children learned English at school in South America, but that she is learning English here by watching TV and listening to the radio. She also said they won a trip to Disneyland. I have a long ways to go with my Spanish, but I think it's possible.
We did quite a few arrangements with roses, but I didn't find them quite as interesting so I didn't take many pictures. Making the 18 rose arrangements were not my favorite. I preferred smaller ones like this.
All of the people I worked with were super nice, although not super chatty. However, I got talking to one girl named Alice and she has the most interesting life stories. But it was apparent that they weren't really that interesting to her, just simply the way her life is. To start off, her parents met on a boat coming from Europe to North America. However, her mom only spoke Polish and her Dad only spoke Hungarian. Somehow they made it work. They moved to Canada and both learned to speak English and French. Alice, who is probably about my age, is going to a take bus to Texas next month and then ride her bike all the way to Florida, carrying a tent with her and camping along the way. Whoa, that's intense. Then she is going to take a bus all the way from Florida to Montreal! Her goal is to be a monk at an Ashram. She doesn't own an ipod, but brought in an old school CD player and listened to Tibetan Monk music while she worked. Just by looking at her you'd never guess what an interesting life she has.
Love lilies.
One of my favorite arrangements.

A small miracle occurred while working here. One day I locked my keys in my car and had AAA come and unlock it. Well AAA guy went to Branbury instead of Belmont (durr) and so it took forever and after he asked for my card and license I shoved them into my pocket and ran back to work. Well, I forgot about them and at the end of the day realized that they had fallen out of my pocket at work. Sad :( The floor is absolutely covered with huge piles of leaves and the parts of the flowers we cut off, rose petals etc. I was positive they had gotten swept up in the mess and thrown away. Well the next day they said, "We found your AAA card on the ground!" I was glad, but it expires in a few days so it didn't really matter anyway unless I locked my keys in my car again. I was much more concerned about license. I still have a CA one and realized what a hassle it would be to either get a new one from them (since I can't do it online and have to physically sign forms) or go through the process of getting a Utah one (sorry, but I like my CA license better so I really didn't want to do this). Days went by and I finally decided to just order the CA forms and start over. Well the day I was going to make the call they said they found my license in a bucket of roses!! YAY! Never keep anything important in your jean pockets, but never lose hope about finding something that is lost! (Actually I have given up on my lost phone...but whatever).

It was so fun to work here, hopefully I'll be back. If any of you got an arrangement I made I hope that you liked it!

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