Under the Sea

I took two disposable water cameras with me on the trip and here are some of my favorite pictures. First pictures from Fiji, then Australia.

Can you even believe we went swimming with these guys!? Manta Rays! The way I edited the picture makes it look so much scarier than it was, but in color you couldn't really see them for some reason. They were huge! We just got into small groups, hopped in a boat with a guide and we went out swimming around in the ocean searching for them till we found them. Totally cool.
In Fiji we went snorkeling along the world's 4th largest reef. It was gorgeous! I opted out of scuba diving, but the snorkeling was fantastic, best I've ever done. These were taken with a super cheap, disposable underwater camera.
Blue starfish! Cute!
I could have swam around here for hours and hours. Just so beautiful.

There was a shortage of fins so we just wore one each! haha.
Fewer fish, but amazing coral.
The following pictures were taken while scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef. They're pretty dark because a. It was a cloudy day b. We went pretty far down and c. It just wasn't as colorful as Fiji

I like to travel far away to see new parts of the world, but what I realized is that to discover a different world all that is needed is to dive deep down into the ocean. Such a cool, totally new and unique experience. It's so quiet except for the swishing of water around you and the sound of your breathing in and out of the regulator. Kinda reminds me of Darth Vador the way it sounds.

Coming back up to the boat. Obviously edited.

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