Talum, Coba and Cenote

While in Cancun we made a point to visit lots of the ancient ruins and learn about the history of the area. We went with the Alma's Tours, which was a great experience. They're very friendly, come and pick you up from your hotel and do a great job explaining in detail about the sights you see. We would have missed out on a lot had we just gone and seen the sights without a guide.

First stop, Talum.

There is undoubtedly a lot of religious symbolism found here at Talum and many of the other ruins. What's interesting is how much of it points to Christ. There are even quite a few similarities (such as the number of steps that take you into each courtyard) between Talum and Solomon's temple. Additionally, members of the Church of Jesus Christ will recognize even further symbolism. Talum wasn't discovered until after Joseph Smith revealed certain truths, but it all connects and makes so much sense. We believe that the people in the Book of Mormon lived in North America and that Christ visited them after he was resurrected.

This website gives some interesting information: http://www.yucatan-revealed.com/Christ-In-Tulum.html

Just look at that water, don't you just want to jump right in?

They sure picked a great location to build!

Brandon caught a picture of me doing what I love most!

Hello little guy!

Our guide, Alma, was so sweet. She told us that she comes from a family with 9 kids and they all have names from the Book of Mormon. However, her youngest brother is named Lemuel and they would ask her Mom why would they named him that (since Lemuel is not a very good guy), and she said that they ran out of Book of Mormon names, but Alma joked that her parents must not have read far enough because there are a lot more names!

Alma has given Bill Gates (twice) and also some of the Lakers a tour. Her Dad gave President Kimball a tour. Awesome!

The descending God. He is upside down to show that he is coming down from the sky to them.

The light shines through these walls perfectly on April 6 every year and reflects on the fertility temple. It's so interesting how important this date must be to them. We believe it is the day that Christ was born and resurrected.

Alma said that there are a lot of members of the church in the Yucatan peninsula and sometimes it's jokingly called the "Utah-tan peninsula."

Now moving on from Talum. These guys climb to the top of the poll, tie themselves up and all swing down in a circle at the same time. They're insane!

Love bougainvilleas. Wow, what a spelling. We had them at my house growing up and I occasionally got their thorns stuck in my feet which was just no fun at all, but I've gotten past that and can appreciate their beauty now.

We stopped at a small restaurant to eat some authentic Mayan food for lunch. It was delicious! Seriously some of the best food I had the whole time I was down there.

The view from where we had lunch.

Next we went to Coba. We climbed this "Large Structure."

Brandon took the most hilarious video of us climbing this. You'd think we were climbing Mt. Everest from the way we sound! I laugh so hard every time I watch it. We are ridiculous.

This is the view you have as you're climbing it. The stairs are a little sketchy and I took it very slow as I was going up. You used to be able to climb Chichen Itza as well, but I guess a few years ago a lady fell down and took some people down with her resulting in a few deaths which is very tragic.

View from the top. It was so hot, I can't imagine what it must feel like in the summer.

Another cool building. There are so many structures that haven't been excavated yet and are buried under plants and trees. It'll be cool to see what they uncover in the next few years.

These are a special type of bees that are only found in one other place in the world - I think it's Jerusalem or somewhere in the Middle East. And I'm pretty sure they don't have stingers. I really should blog immediately when I return home from a trip because I forget these small details quickly.

The Mayans played a pretty intense ball game on courts like these. The goal was to get the ball through the hoops (seen on either side) without using your hands. A lot of chieftains and official people came and watched the games. It's amazing how popular sporting events were back then too.

It is believe though that the captain of the winning team was decapitated after very important games. It was a great honor to win and then be killed. Yikes, I think I'd purposely try to lose. This is where skulls were displayed.

Because of the distance between the sites we got to ride bikes which was so much fun! It really is the little things are the most fun, we could have ridden around all day long!

This looks like Spanish moss which made me think of Mom since she loves it.

We stopped by a small village where some people of Mayan decent live. They don't have electricity or anything modern. Very, very basic. The men basically spend most of the day hunting and looking for food.

This lady was so cute and tiny. She probably came up to my shoulder if that. Here she is making some food.

They have a resident monkey living with them! He just comes and goes as he pleases. No big deal.

I felt bad for this little anteater who was tied up.
These berries are used for dye.

The last thing we did was visit a cenote. It's basically like a small underground lake. The water was so crystal clean, you could see all the way to the bottom.

What a day! Loved seeing so many wonderful sites and learning more about the history of the area.

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