On Saturday Steph and I went skiing together up at Snowbird, which is supposedly one of the Top 10 Best Ski and Snowboard Resorts in the US. What made it even better is that we got a great deal on lift tickets from Costco. Provo was nice and sunny and so I was excited for a beautiful ski day, but I think this is the last we saw of the sun all day.

Just looking at this picture makes me cold! Although it's totally worth it to go skiing. Seriously, it's my favorite winter activity.

The nice thing about Snowbird is that you can park extremely close to the lifts. It was very nice to be able to switch gear or go warm up in the car whenever you want without having to walk very far.

So excited to go skiing - first time this season for both of us! Thanks to Emily for the cute headband.

I had almost a complete outfit change mid-day because I was so cold. This is my moderate ski weather gear, but I have a big red jacket, heavy duty gloves and Russian style hat that keep me nice and warm for really cold days like this. Good thing I brought them with me.

Steph forgot ski goggles so we took turns wearing my ridiculous fake pink ray-bans going down the slopes. Let's just say that wearing them made it hard to see and maybe that's why at one point I lost my balance, got turned around and started skiing backwards before I fell in the snow. ha, oh dear.

Steph is much cuter in them. The "pow", ok I'm not that hardcore, the powder was amazing. Almost too amazing. It was so light and fluffy that I felt like I was skiing on air. Cool, right? Well, it actually made it sort of difficult for me to ski without having much traction. I think I do better if there is a little more substance for my skis to grip onto as I go down the mountain.

The view of the slopes from my car window as we were about to leave. Brrr! We went to an amazing restaurant in downtown Salt Lake afterwards called Bambara. I ordered the butternut quash ravioli and Steph ordered scallops and chard along with blueberry lemonade. All very delicious.

After dinner we went to Gateway and watched Country Strong. I really liked it, but it's really sad at the end. Then Steph and I found out the hard way that Trax closes earlier on weekends and we had missed the last one, but luckily her roommate was downtown and gave us a ride back to her place! Such a great day spent with sister!

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January 27, 2011 at 9:37 AM

Ahh! It makes me want to go skiing!!

My favorite is Deer Valley, but park at the Jordanelle gondola- never crowded and if you do have to park "far", there is a shuttle that will take you right to the door. It's the best kept secret at Deer Valley!

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