Shopping and Eating

So apparently in Mexico instead of using syrup it's common to pour sweetened condensed milk over you pancakes. Sounds strange but it's totally delicious!
Some people recommended we check out the restaurant Chocolate City. It was pretty good, but probably not my favorite. It's interesting though that on the circular logo it says, "In God We Trust." That's nice to see.

They had lots of chocolate sayings inside like this one, "Men are like chocolate...the richest [sic] the better."
The menu.
Brandon got gelato there after our meal/dessert hahaha.
Brandon and Dakota rolled around in these giant hamster balls on the canal.
Lots of random stories were shared over meals. For example, Kelsey told us a story about an evil babysitter that was tired of their pet bird always chirping so she flicked its beak, but then it fell off and the bird bled to death. What the heck, that's so terrible!
Outside of Senor Frogs.

Best chips and guacamole ever!
La Isla is a very nice mall we walked around. It's located in the hotel zone and has some nice stores. You can even take a gondola ride if you want to.
You probably can't tell, but this was right after we went into a drug store and tried all of these sunless tanner testers. Sisley had the most expensive but most amazing self tanner for the face. Brandon said my face looked airbrushed. One day when I have more money I'm going to buy some!

Height difference anyone?
That's a real guy looking through the window!


Of course, since I was in a foreign country I had to go into a McDonald's. Things were pretty much the same from what I could tell and I didn't order anything.

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