We spent a few days camping in Fiji at Kenia resort on Ono island. However, the term "resort" is used very loosely. Very.
We had church at Kenia on Ono island with some of the guides and locals. It was a cool experience. We all participated and just had a nice time. I wish church could always be next to a beautiful ocean.
All wearing our sulus.
Kalli french braided my hair one night and when I woke up in the morning and took it out this is the result. As simple as it was, it was the first time my hair had been done in any way, shape or form in over a month and I was ecstatic. I felt like a new woman!

I felt more like my regular self again and there was a beautiful ocean right behind me, so of course I took a picture!
Also feeling kinda tan at this point. Woo.
Woke up early one morning and came over and just sat down and read and wrote in my journal for a long while. Very peaceful.
One of the guides drew this awesome manta ray tattoo Brandon's back.
These pictures are a little strange, but I'm just being honest about what happened in Fiji. We were a little desperate, ok a lot, to feel clean and when we found clean spring water running into the ocean we made a little pool and washed our hair in it! So refreshing.
Much better!
In case you feel like we took the study out of "study abroad" I can promise you we did learn. We had to take multiple tests and do a huge project before we left since it wouldn't have been very feasible to do while actually on the trip. The classes were much harder than I anticipated them to be honest. But we still learned things on the trip that had to do with recreation management and leadership as well. One thing we learned a lot about was experience staging. For instance, a Lexus dealer not only provides a good car and good service, but they provide an experience - a nice scent in the car, refreshments etc. Just like how you can have coffee at home, coffee from McDonalds or coffee from Starbucks. It's important to stage an experience. Disneyland has mastered this. Have a theme, positive cues, reduce negative cues, include memorabilia, and remember the 5 senses.
One day we all kayaked or rode one of the boats to an uninhabited island off of Ono island. Yep, we were the ONLY ones there. Cool! We spent the night and then came back to Ono island the next day. Here is my tent all set up in an area that the guides expertly cleared away for us. It was cool to stay somewhere so untouched by civilization. Our bathroom was a hole in the ground and the food we ate came from some people on a neighboring island.
The guides also provided a little makeshift meeting place for us as well. They did a pretty awesome job. Anthony, the man in the gray on the left, was our main guide down there. He is from New Zealand and owns his own company, Tamarillo, which is the company we used the entire time we were down there.
In my journal, on the night we spent at the uninhabited island, I wrote, "I'm a bit salty and sticky and hungry, but I'm so happy. I really have no worries or stress. It's funny how having more conveniences seems to make life more complicated. Although I wouldn't complain if I had a toilet right now." haha, probably one of my favorite journal entries ever.
Talia holding a coconut. We loved eating the coconuts and drinking the milk. Some had a foamy texture and tasted a little strange, while others had the regular smooth texture.

Dylan showing off a crab that was found. They're like the spiders of the ocean to me, gross.

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