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Fiji has the most beautiful ocean water I have ever seen. Let me show you...

Our boat rides in Fiji are something I'll never forget. We weren't on some giant tourist boat with a bunch of random people, we were in small groups with our friends, ambitious 20-something year olds, who left home to come explore a different part of the world. We had local Fijian men driving us around this gorgeous ocean with green islands all around us and not another soul in sight. There was even a whale sighting in the distance.
I could have stayed on the boat forever. I had the same feeling I get while skiing - pure bliss.
Are you convinced yet?

Same beach later on in the evening.
Bonfire on the beach!
This was how our campsite was set up at Kenya Beach on Ono island. We had to make sure our tents weren't directly under any coconuts just in case they fell down!
This is what our lunch was one day. That was the hardest part about Fiji - the food. Not bad, but just not satisfying. I craved "real" food while I was in Fiji soooo much. We ate what we were fed, but we'd lay on the beach and say, "You know what sounds so good right now? Olive Garden. Cold Stone. A hamburger. Chinese food." And on and on. I have a whole new respect for people on the show survivor. Even if you have enough to eat, it's still incredibly hard to not have anything really tasty to eat. We ate a lot of cooked roots and very bland food. Our first night there we were offered a delicacy - fish head soup. No, I did not try it because I don't even like fish, let alone fish head soup!

We hiked a up big hill/mountain on Ono island and it was sooooo steep! Going up was hard, but coming down was much harder. Here's Nicole hanging out for dear life trying not slip as she goes down. I never fell, but there were a handful that did, and with style I should say!

None of us were very clean for the entire trip. Especially in Fiji. Sometimes we'd wear an outfit, sleep in it and wear it again the next day. It became totally normal for us, but just not appropriate for civilization.

The hike was well worth the view.

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