Market 28 and Playa Del Carmen Hotel

We heard good things about Market 28 and so we decided to head over there and explore. It took us a while to find, but eventually we made it.
Such colorful buildings!

Apparently real vanilla extract is sold in Mexico for really cheap so Kelsey stocked up on some. I had to do the bartering for the group, they were all too scared to offer a lower price! And Brandon kept telling them stories about how at this other place they said they'd give it to us for this much, but I told them they don't care about stories, just the money ha. The market was full of typical touristy things - shirts, bags, jewelry, magnets etc. But it's always fun to explore.
I am totally fascinated by these colorful skulls. I'm not really into the skull thing, even if it was chic for a while, but these are just cool! People are so talented.
I think the skulls have to do with Dia De Los Muertos - Day of the Dead.
While waiting for Kelsey and Dakota to finish shopping we passed the time by taking pictures!
The Mexican version of Frosted Flakes!
And by prodessional I'm thinking they meant professional. That's kind of ironic.
The hotel we stayed at in Cancun has a sister hotel in Playa Del Carmen so we decided to head on over there to check it out! And I'm so glad we did because the hotel was gorgeous!! Just look at it! Great pool, ocean view, delicious food. The only thing I preferred more about Cancun was our beach and it's location. But we still got to eat all the food we wanted and we could have even stayed the night there for just 10 more.
This is the view you have from the eating area.

I love the style of the building!
This picture should be on their website. I think it looks like paradise.

I love candid pictures. Sitting on the beach with my virgin pina colada just reading. Perfection.

You know on some Verizon commercials they sing, "Our house, in the middle of the street, our house." Well, on our bus ride back to Cancun we made up our own version. "Our bus, going back to Cancun, our bus, it sure aitn't no taxi, our bus" It kept going with versions like, "Hot boy, come sit next to me, hot boy." We were getting a little delirious having been in the sun all day and spending so much time using public transportation just to save a few bucks. We took, taxis, vans and buses to get around! But it worked! Don't be afraid to use the buses or look for shuttle vans. It only cost us a couple bucks to get from Cancun to Play Del Carmen. There are also lots of good little street shops in Playa Del Carmen if you like that sorta thing.

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