Living on an Island

I have no idea how these pictures got so out of order. Hmm. Oh well, at least I know that they're all taken in Fiji for sure!
Riding the boat with Leah and M'Lisa.
Aww cute puppy! There were lots of dogs down there but I was worried about disease so I didn't ever pet them. Not too mention my allergies.
Gorgeous sunrise! But can you actually believe that I woke up on my own when the sun was still rising? What happened to me?! I seriously went to bed around 9 or 10 every single night down there. Without electricity or the internet to distract me I just went right to bed and always woke up early.
Sitting with Madi and Katy.
Picture perfect.
Shannon braiding my hair. Became a regular occurrence.

I don't like soda and never drink it, but I think it's cool that there are custom Fiji coke cans down there. "The Coke side of Fiji" It even says Bula, awesome.
Kayaking was cool, but I loved riding in the boats more because they were a lot faster and I like speed.
Sela let us steer the boat :) It was fun! Here's Kalli's turn. Kalli, me, Katy and Shannon were all his fiancee's. bahaha.

Friendsies! Love them!

Learning how to say things in Fijian! I learned a handful of words which was cool.
We broke down into small groups and went on a killer hike to gather our own food for dinner. I was not made to be a Fijian because all of the plants looked exactly the same to me. Here is my handmade basket filled with a variety of edible plants. Our guide did most of the work, thank goodness, otherwise I probably would have picked something poisonous. It was so hot though and seemed like such a long walk and I was just tired and not feeling it. My particular group's walk seemed to go on much longer than everyone else's.
But this made up it - fresh picked sugar cane. I was elated. I ate probably 10 of them because it was so good. I've had sugar cane in Hawaii and it was tough and not that great, but here in Fiji it was perfect. Very sweet.
Best papaya in the world. I don't care for it back in the US, but here it was heaven! Extremely fresh and sweet. Really, the taste is amazing, I wish I could have this every day. Not to mention the gorgeous color. I had fun squishing all the little seeds too, ha.

Drinking real Fijian water! I love Fijian bottled water, but this was even better! So fresh and drinking it out of a giant leaf and reed is pretty awesome.

Me trying to tap into my inner Fijian and weave a basket. It started off alright...but that's about all that was good about it.

The baskets we made. I struggled hardcore with mine which is why I'm standing in the back :)
Sleeping grass is so cool! Here is the before picture:
And the after! When you touch it shrivels up and goes away.

Oh the little pleasures in life.

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