Last Day in Cancun

We were sad that this wonderful week of vacation came to an end so quickly. I mean, who wants to leave a sunny beach like this for cold, snowy weather?  Not me.

We took advantage of laying out and relaxing on the beaches one last time.
Last dinner!
We wanted to make the most of our last night so we dressed up and went out.

A combination of tan and slightly sunburned.
One place that we kept hearing about again and again was Coco Bongo. It's this club, but basically you stand or sit in the same place all night and watch a variety of incredibly entertaining performances. Lots of celebrity impersonators and acrobatics. It had awesome reviews from a ton of places like The New York Times saying that there's nothing like this in America, including Vegas.
In cost around $40 per person to get in because it was an open bar, which kinda irked me because they were going to make bank off of me since I wouldn't be drinking any alcohol, however the show ended up being worth the money.
The place was wild, so much happening all at once!
The party was still going strong at 3 am, but we were totally exhausted and headed back. What a show.
The trip wouldn't be complete without one last airport adventure. Kelsey and Dakota's bag was 16 pounds overweight. That's pretty significant, but they were determined to find a way to get it back down to 50 so that they didn't have to pay. Well we already became a spectacle of chaos for the people behind us when we all tried to help them rearrange things, but the craziness got worse when a beer that Dakota was bringing back for his brother exploded as he took it out of the suitcase. Oh awesome. Then he tried to hand it to the lady behind the counter, who definitely wanted nothing to do with it.
Bundled up and ready to head back into the cold.
Que triste.
Cancun, you were wonderful and I had a wonderful time visiting you. Thanks for the adventures and the tan.

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