LA Candy

Yes I read the series, all three books - LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice. They were good, but lacked substance, although I know that shouldn't be too surprising. If you might have thought reality shows were pretty scripted, well then you're right. At least according to LC, who I think knows what she's talking about since she's been on two. It was nice to read something that didn't require a lot of thought, kept me interested and that I could breeze through quickly. I think most girls would like it- it's a good book to read at the beach or something, but just don't expect anything very deep or intellectually challenging. It's basically a story line about what really happens behind cameras on a reality tv show. Overall, I'd recommend it.

"Jane Roberts and Scarlett Harp, best friends since grade school, are rooming together in L.A.; Jane is an intern for the famous and infamous event planner, Fiona Chen, and Scarlett’s starting her first semester at USC. While at a local nightclub hotspot, they’re spotted by reality TV producer Trevor Lord, who signs them up to star in his next big reality hit, L.A. Candy, along with heiress Madison and the somewhat ditzy Gaby. Jane soon finds herself right in the middle of the spotlight as L.A. Candy explodes onto the reality TV scene. She’s a star, now, and getting the celebrity treatment from everyone. The problem? As Jane will discover, celebrity status isn’t always fun and games."

I have no quotes to list because I don't think I underlined a single sentence in all three books. Nothing really stood out to me.

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January 26, 2011 at 11:37 AM

Lauren I need a good book to read! It doesn't seem like you quite recommend this one!? Do you have any suggestions for me!?

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