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Before I came to Utah I thought there was only one way to say my name - that being, LORen. However, a lot of people say Lar-en here in Utah. But really, it's pronounced Lor-en. I don't spell it with an "o" though because that is the male way of spelling it. I've known two guys with my name and they spell it Loren. But girls almost always spell it Lauren.

I always tell people they can call me whatever they want and it's totally fine with me, but lately I've had a lot of people come up and ask me how I pronounce my name. So just to clear up any confusion I thought I'd blog about it!

Lauren is actually a French name and in the French language "au" makes on "o" sound. Like in Au Bon Pain (the place of good bread) or Au Revoir. I hear people say my name LAR-en and it makes me think of that video game/movie, Tomb Raider, where Angelina Jolie's name is Lara Croft. There is no "u" in her name, therefore you say it like it sounds. As is Larsen.

There are some Laurens out there who do prefer the Lar-en pronunciation. And that's totally cool. But outside of the Utah/Idaho area it seems that most people prefer the normal pronunciation.

Anyway, you can pronounce my name however you want and I'll respond, but now you know how I pronounce it and why.

According to the internet:
Meaning: Crowned with Laurels Gender: F Pronunciation: LOR-en

Click here to hear some super boring, monotone guy say it.

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July 27, 2011 at 5:40 PM

Hello, I just wanted to say, Lauren actually isn't French. Laurence, Laure, and Laurette are French, but Lauren's not. (I used to think it was French too, though. Some websites do mistakenly say it's French.)

Lauren is derived from the Latin "laurus" and is an English name. :)

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