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You know what was interesting? Before flying into Fiji we had to show the flight agents at check-in our itineraries to prove that we had a flight OUT of Fiji. They were incredibly strict about this. Apparently, a lot of people fly into Fiji and like it so much they never leave. Ha! That's hilarious.
As you can tell from the title, all of these pictures are borrowed from facebook from other people, but I like them so I'm posting them! In this picture we all have temporary tattoos that we're showing off.

Here's apicture of Kate and I with some of the local guides and the Tamarillo guides. Anthony is standing up in the back and Brent is his friend, on the far right. He is a pretty interesting guy. Pro-surfer, actor in Asian movies, world traveler. He said that his job is to find something to love in everyone.

How awesome is this - swimming with manta rays! I think this is Caitlin.

Kalli and Mandie :)

Kalli and I riding on the bus. Oh the conversations we had haha.

Riding through the mangroves.
How many people can say that they have kayaked around beautiful unihabited islands with rainforests and white sandy beaches? What an awesome experience. My first kayaking trip went really well. I was paired up with Brian (Dr.Hill) and he told me, "Lauren G. you're a pro!" Yay. I tried extra hard so I wouldn't look bad in front of him but consequently I had very sore arms and blisters on my wrists from where they hit the edge afterwards. I only went one more time the entire trip. ha.
We ran into the missionaries while we were there! Check out their outfits!
You'd think after bungee jumping, cliff jumping would be a breeze but it was surprisingly scary! I think all of my skydiving and bungee jumping experiences have created a fear of heights in me that did not exist before. But as I was standing on the edge Maddi pushed me off haha. Although, in my defense I had reason to be a little worried because the tide was out and I actually hit my leg pretty hard on the bottom.
Mandie doing an awesome jump! Someone took a picture of me too, but they have yet to send it :/
How awesome is this picture? One of the guides caught a sea turtle. Awesome!
Playing "lava" because we're still children deep down inside haha.
Attempting to spell out Fiji in the sand with our bodies, but it didn't really work out so well.
Visiting a Hindu temple. But the best part of this picture is Eric in the background.
This was the marriage tree and we walked around it for good luck ;)
Just climbing the tree for some coconuts, no big deal.
Walking through the mud!

If you're wondering what their money looks like, wonder no longer!
Our last dinner in Fiji all together. So nice to be back to having beds and electricity!

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