Fiji from Mandie's Camera

I was looking through Mandie's Fiji pictures on facebook and realized that she took some of the best pictures and I just had to post them because they are awesome. So all the credit for these pictures go to Mandie!
Lisa is totally in her element.We attended a lecture at the University of the South Pacific. Some people found it interesting, but I might have played MASH instead...haha. Also notice the giant Cadburry chocolate bar on my desk. I finally had access to delicious food again and took full advantage of it! Going on a hike.

Made it to the top!
Just hanging out!
We had more free time in Fiji than any other time on the trip and we spent a lot of it just relaxing and hanging out. No where else I'd rather just chill than by a gorgeous ocean.
On the bus!
Lisa, Mandie and I in front of the Suva temple. We stayed at the temple dorms one night which was cool, I have never done that before.Sporting the braid again. It was the BEST for keeping my bangs out of my face.
There was only one hammock so we made the most out of it!
Thanks Mandie for getting some great pictures!

1 Response to Fiji from Mandie's Camera

June 27, 2011 at 1:21 PM

I don't know why I let myself go back and look at these pictures. It just makes me homesick for our study abroad.

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