Down in Mexico

It felt so wonderful to wear summer clothes in the middle of winter. We stayed at a all-inclusive resort and it was actually incredibly inexpensive and we got wonderful service. I'd recommend it. More than anything it's just nice to be able to trust the food you're eating and not have to always be on the search for a place to eat.
Kelsey and I each bought a pair of pink fake Ray-bans. It just felt like the vacation kinda thing to do.
Stores carried tons of bottle of pina colada flavorings, awesome.
Is this a soda or just syrup?
I have a thing for mosaics.
Don't know what's going on and don't think I want to know.
Got all dressed up for New Years! My dress is just a sundress from Target, but I think it worked for the occasion. It was fun to start the new year in a different country! Maybe it's a sign for things to come this year :)
Best friends!

Quote from Brandon, "Lady, it's New Years and I'm single and I wanna eat." hahahaha.
Lots of dancing and celebrating going on.

It's tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight in Mexico. Never heard of it before but I can go for that!

Like our headbands?
Totally random guy!
Despite eating our weight at dinner, a few hours later we called in room service! We ordered so much food it was ridiculous! The poor man who brought it up was practically sweating carrying a tray so heavy. No worries though, we gave him a good tip.

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