Braids on My Head

The other day I had the apartment all to myself and it was snowing outside which meant I was very content to just stay nice and warm inside. With some free time and inspiration from a blog I follow I started experimenting with my hair. I wear my hair in a ponytail 80% of the time, while the other 15% of the time it's just down, straightened and the last 5% of the time I might actually curl it. But that's it.
But in a matter of 3 minutes, literally, I copied other people and did this little hair-do. Never ever will I wear it outside of my apartment, but I actually kind of liked it.

I won't be wearing this out because it's not really my style, but if anyone else wants to try this then just put your hair in pony tails, then braid it from the elastic down and pull the braids on top of your hair. Voila.

1 Response to Braids on My Head

January 26, 2011 at 11:38 AM

I love you Lauren =]]]]

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