Beginning of Fiji

Fiji, here we go! All of the Fiji pictures are a little out of order because of the way I uploaded them, but only those who were with me will notice.

Earlier on the trip we were referred to as "Team America" by a guide on the dive boat and the name stuck!
Here we are leaving Nadi (pronounced Nandi), located on one of the big islands, Viti Levu. We are getting ready to take a bus to the airport to begin our journey.
Living outside of society for too long has it's consequences. I mean just look at us...
On the teeny, tiny plane ready to fly south to the island of Kadavu. (Pronounced Kandavu).
By looking at everyone's faces it's obvious we have mixed feelings.

Goodbye. At this point I was praying that the small plane ride would not be turbulent and fortunately it wasn't!
After landing on Kadavu we were driven in many small boats to a different side of the island. I can't even explain how much fun this was. We all felt so adventurous - flying to a small Fijian island and then having a local drive us in a small boat to an even more remote part of the island. Bouncing along the waves, having ocean water and wind spraying around, admiring the scenery...well, it's pretty awesome.
Not to mention, the scenery was amazing!
So happy to be here! We all seemed to take time to sit on this tree at some point.
I wore this little guy a good majority of my time there. We all wore sulu's for additional modesty in the villages. Lisa and I both liked how sparkly and pretty this one was, but what we didn't anticipate was that the sparkles would stick to us like glue so we were all glittery like little vampires the whole time.
The colors of the water were just amazing. I've never seen such emerald green water before. I could have sat on this beach all day long.
The entire time we were in Fiji this is how we ate together. We'd go through a buffet line of food that the locals had prepared and then sit down with no chairs, just cross-legged on a woven mat. It made me realize how much I appreciate the support a chair offers.
We ate TONS of fresh coconut. And by fresh I mean picked, chopped open and handed out within minutes. YUM!
Paradise. I mean, really, it is.

Kalli and I posing on the beach at sunset.

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January 9, 2011 at 8:01 PM

those beaches look amazing!

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