One of my very favorite things that I did in New Zealand was Zorbing. Weirdest name and equally weird concept, but incredibly fun!
This picture could only have been taken in New Zealand. Lots of sheep with the giant zorbing ball in the background.
First they drive you up to the top of the hill and you can choose either to do the dry or the wet one. In the dry one you are all strapped in while standing up and stay in the same position while the ball moves every which way while rolling down the hill. This sounded like motion-sickness city and even the employee I talked to said she'd only done it once because she didn't care for it. The second option is where you climb into a smaller ball inside the big ball with your bathing suit on and sit in a pool of water with up to two other people. This is what I did with Lisa and Leticia.
It looks quite boring, right? Roll down a hill in a ball. And where's the fun? But it's one of those things you just have to experience because everyone who did it came out acting like they'd just won they lottery.
We were screaming, laughing and rolling all over each other while coming down the hill. I felt 5 all over again and had so much fun!

This is a picture of some of the other girls in our group who did it. I didn't post the one of me coming out because I look just like a velociraptor. But they look cute and it goes to show big the ball really is!
This was done in Rotorua at the Agrodome. If you go there, take your bathing suit and go zorbing! It is way fun!

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