Welcome to New Zealand

Time to post about New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. People there often call it Aotearoa, which basically means land of the long, white cloud.
I love that they had this sign in the airport, it's such a great quote.
Blake's time in New Zealand was off to a great start because Lisa proposed to him :)
We went to the grocery store our first night there and saw the most beautiful sunset in the parking lot!
Enjoying some delicious hot chocolate with Nicole and Kiersti. This was after we went black water rafting, so we're looking a little rough.

Of course I had to make a stop by McDonalds to check it out. Nothing too extraordinarily different - it was pretty similar to Australia.
They do have frozen cokes, however. Not really my kinda thing though so I didn't try it. I indulged in a sundae with caramel AND fudge :)
The other food I make an effort to eat in as many places as possible is Thai food. Delicious!
Roast Lamb isn't something you see everyday at Subways in America.
Dylan taking care of the grilled cheese sandwiches.
Love their coins!
Absolutely gorgeous New Zealand countryside. It is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. Most of these pictures were taken from car windows and they still turned out this nice.
To this day I think Dylan still thinks Lisa is the one who did this, but how wrong he is...bahaha.

Going on a night walk to see all of the glow worms! Everyone wanted it to be pitch black all the time which meant we walked at about one mile an hour.
Lisa a woman of many talents!

The land is just so pristine.
Never a dull moment with Erica around.
We got to visit the beautiful temple in Hamilton. So wonderful. One of the workers there said to us, "We'd like to welcome our sisters from the land of the free." I felt so proud of my country right then.

In Auckland.
I love everything related to London, if you can't tell.
Trying my krazy polypros.
I have a thing with looking at the time when it's 10:08. This package was permanently at this time.

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