Sydney Part 3

Another city shot. Even though we'd only been gone about 2 1/2 weeks it was hard to comprehend that the rest of the world was still functioning just the same. It seemed as if time had stopped in all places except for here in Australia.
Explored China town. Pretty sure if you've been one to China town you've been to them all.
Discovered some really unique ketchup containers.
So we majorly lucked out and Wicked was playing in Sydney while we were there! 6th time, here I come! We didn't win the pre-show lottery and were disappointed because the tickets were pretty pricey. I asked the grumpy man working there a million questions - student discounts, group rates, prices for different seats etc. But then surprisingly he took pity on us and said, "I don't normally do this (which I believe), but..." if we paid with cash he'd give us the tickets for $20 less than normal each. We ran to an ATM, grabbed some money and got our tickets for a discounted price. However, because he did this under the table, so to speak, he didn't give us normal tickets, he gave us our tickets in the form of a lost ticket voucher haha. This was so funny to us. Even though we didn't win the lottery, I still feel like we got really lucky! Yay for Wicked and discounted tickets!
Talia and Shannon are seriously the coolest. Every day I'd get to know them better and continually be amazed by their sense of humor, ambition and fun personalities. And as for Wicked - I'm so happy we got to see it. It was amazing, although nothing can beat London. Glinda threw out the peace sign when she arrived at college which was a new twist. She didn't emphasize the toss toss and there were many other small differences like this. Kinda cool how they make it their own.
Harry's sells the best pies ever. If you're ever in Sydney, go eat there!
Talia and I with our pie. Doesn't it look strange? But we were shocked by how good it was. This is according to their website: Our signature dish named after our founder Harry ‘Tiger’ Edwards. Chunky lean beef pie served with mushy peas, mash & gravy. Our house special. Don't leave Australia without getting one.
Favorite drink I had down there was white hot chocolate - to die for! Seriously, it's so delicious.A few of us spent an afternoon making our way to the Sydney Temple. It was an amazing experience, too personal to write here, but really, really amazing and uplifting.

They write the price for gas or rather, "petrol", really strange. 127.9
Lauren and I both did a study abroad in London (at separate times) and it made us happy to see Gloucester Street. PS. I wore those pants almost daily and was so happy that I could just throw them away at the end of the trip!
We decided to take a walk across Harbor Bridge in the evening. It was cold and windy, but a great new perspective of the city.

In Australia, there is this thing called the "tall poppy syndrome" and it basically means that it's not cool to have bigger and better things than other people. Pretty much the opposite of America.

Lauren and I again after walking across the Harbor Bridge at sunset. Feeling very tan.
Of course we had to check out the Lindt chocolate cafe. These chocolates remind me of the grocery store because they strategically place them by the checkout, so while I'm standing line I often add a handful to the rest of my groceries.
Didn't order much though because everything was really expensive.
We went shopping at a mall in Sydney and were thrilled to find makeup! We hadn't worn much the whole trip so we went crazy and put a little too much on. We didn't care though, it felt good to be a girl and go shopping and wear makeup again!
They have the most amazing slurpees in Australia from 7-11. YUM! I can't figure out what made them so much better, but they're worth searching for.
Bondi Beach. Who doesn't love going to beautiful beaches?

Mandie, Lisa and myself. I didn't realize until I started posting my study abroad pictures on my blog, but basically the only pictures I took were with these girls haha.

I didn't bring a watch on the trip, nor did I have my cell phone, so the only way I could tell the time was by looking at the sun or by what meal we were eating. Very strange to be so disconnected from time, especially since in "real" life time is everything. Time to be at work, time to meet up with so-and-so, time to go bed. Speaking of bed, I slept from 10-7 almost every night. That is a first for me.

Awesome surfers.

Goodbye Australia, we loved you!! Now we're on our way to New Zealand!
A pretty decent meal with a mini Toblerone bar - cute!
Qantas lived up to it's amazing reputation by bringing us ice cream bars mid-flight. Seriously, what other airline does that? And it was a pretty short flight too. Love them.
Lisa demonstrating the amazing head rests. Every airplane seat should have headrests that have side panels so you don't fall asleep and wake up with a sore neck.
Soooo excited!

Thanks for the amazing adventures Australia. I loved spending time in your beautiful country.

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