My Maori Heritage

Since I have been posting about my visit to New Zealand, it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about my own New Zealand ancestry.

This is my great-great grandmother. She is Maori and moved from New Zealand to Canada after she married my great-great grandfather.
Before they moved to Canada from New Zealand they had a son - my great grandfather, Kenneth. Isn't he handsome?
Recently I have spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa looking at their old pictures and it is so fascinating! I love pictures and I love seeing who I am related to. One of my very favorite pictures is this one of my Grandma's father, Kenneth, when he was about 19 years old. You can definitely see the Maori in his bone structure. However, Grandma says he was fair skinned and had gray-blue eyes. An interesting fact is that he learned to read and write in French before he did in English because of the boarding school he went to in Canada.

Kenneth's daughter is my Grandma, Audrey. Genetics are so interesting - she is a quarter Maori and yet blonde haired and blue-eyed. I think there are small things in her bone structure that give away her Maori ancestry but overall, you'd probably never guess.
And I've gotta post this picture of my grandma when she was a little girl because she's definitely the cutest little thing I have ever seen.

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