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Here's another post packed full of New Zealand pictures. First of all, here I am getting to feed a lamb! Ahh, they're so cute!
And we got to watch this guy shear the sheep, pretty impressive.
The next few gorgeous photos were taken on our way to go visit Hobbiton! You know, like as in Lord of the Rings? Yes, we went to the Shire! Not everyone in the group did this, just a handful of us, but I'm so glad that we did! Sadly, I had to sign a waiver saying that I would not post any of the pictures I took online. Which is really too bad because I have some awesome ones in front of their little homes. But we were fortunate to go when we did because the sets are always torn the set after the movies, but they are currently set up again for the Hobbit. If you would ever like to see pictures, just come on over and I'll show you :)
Our guide has met some extremely interesting LOTR fans while working there and said that one couple was from somewhere like Denmark and the husband would translate everything the guide said into Elvish, yes Elvish, for his wife. Are you kidding me?! They were both fluent in Elvish and that was their main form of communication. Oh boy.
Our guide also told us interesting facts about the filming of the movies and about Peter Jackson. He sounds like the most OCD/perfectionist man alive. But it paid off because the movies were a massive success.
To see more go here:

While driving around we saw this store and thought it was a candy store, but nope, it's just someone's name!
More pictures taken while driving around.
I want a house here. It's just so beautiful.

Notice on the bottom left it says, "suicide." Aren't they clever.
The following pictures were taken in this store.
"Wee" kids? How cute.
Caitlin is stoked about all of her snacks! If I could go back in time I would have bought at least that many too to take to Fiji with me.
Yay for California! They made it all the way to NZ.
Prepackaged pancakes...strange.
haha, also strange.
Chocolate drops, not chocolate chips.
Nappies...I love how we speak the same language but have such a different vocabulary.
This is certainly something you don't regularly see in America.
I have never seen a Toyota Platz before in America. It seems that they have different styles of cars down there even though they're produced by many of the same manufacturers.
Giant Kiwi!
Lisa feeding the mini horse!
Aww, those little lambs are so cute!
My turn!

I'm not sure which person in our group this was, but they have ALL of my respect. This is the platform we all bungy jumped off of and it was the scariest thing of my life. I can't imagine someone having the guts to go backwards like this. Props to them.
I'd go sky diving in an instant before I did this again.

2 Response to More New Zealand

December 20, 2010 at 3:37 AM

If those bottom three are all the same person, I think it's Dylan. Also even though Caitlin bought that many snacks, I think they were all gone before we made it the uninhabited island.

December 22, 2010 at 3:55 PM

Eric- you are absolutely correct. I would say worst day ever, but come on... we were kayaking around uninhabited islands in Fiji.

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